fotoCurrently, I am holding a 3-years research fellow position (Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin) at the project "eXChange", University of Leipzig and about to submit my PhD-thesis at the University of Cologne, Department of Byzantine Studies.

Among other things I am interested in extraction of semantic data from corpora, more specifically, from the corpus of Ancient Greek within the "eXChange" project. Here, in an interdisciplinary team, my aim is to use and evaluate the techniques considered to be useful when trying to trace the development of linguistic concepts in time and space.

The aim of my PhD project is a critical text edition supplied with philological, historical and linguistic commentary of the anonymous fragments of an early Byzantine historiographer (the so-called Anonymus post Dionem, commonly identified with Peter the Patrikios). The fragments come down in form of the excerpts in the Collection of historical Excerpts of Constantine VII Porphyrogennetos (905-959). The fragments themselves are all contained in a single manuscript Vaticanus Graecus 73 - a palimpsest in a poor condition nowadays. Despite this fact I was able to precisely reconstruct the lower text as well as to prepare a preliminary version of a digital edition (a brief description of the digital edition see here; a description of the PhD project in German see here)


Byzantine Studies
  • Macedonian Renaissance
  • Byzantine Historiography, and especially Early Byzantine Historiography
  • Historical Critical Editing
  • Palaeography
Digital Humanities and Byzantine Studies

I am particularly interested in digital approaches into the study of the Byzantine Culture and History: statistics, visualisation, text presentation and analysis technics, digital scholarly editions, corpus linguistics, network analysis etc.

My ideal goal is to gain new insights into Ancient Greek language of the Classical und Byzantine periods, as well as into Byzantine culture and history, combining new digital approaches and traditional methodologies in the field.