link to smth Currently, I am about to submit my PhD-thesis at the University of Cologne, Department of Byzantine Studies. The aim of my PhD project is a critical text edition supplied with philological, historical and linguistic commentary of the anonymous fragments of an early Byzantine historiographer (the so-called Anonymus post Dionem, commonly identified with Peter Patrikios). The fragments come down in form of the excerpts in the Collection of historical Excerpts of Constantine VII Porphyrogennetos (905-959). The fragments themselves are all contained in a single manuscript Vaticanus Graecus 73 - a palimpsest in a poor condition nowadays. Despite this fact I was able to precisely reconstruct the lower text as well as to prepare a preliminary version of a digital edition (a brief description of the digital edition see here; a description of the PhD project in German see here)


Byzantine Studies
  • Macedonian Renaissance
  • Byzantine Historiography, and especially Early Byzantine Historiography
  • Historical Critical Editing
  • Palaeography
  • Linguistics
Digital Humanities and Byzantine Studies

I am particularly interested in digital approaches into the study of the Byzantine Culture and History: statistics, visualisation, text presentation and analysis technics, digital scholarly editions, corpus linguistics, network analysis etc.

My ideal goal is to gain new insights into Ancient Greek language of the Classical und Byzantine periods, as well as into Byzantine culture and history, combining new digital approaches and traditional methodologies in the field.


2015-2018 Two maternal leaves.

2012-2016 Research Fellow (Wissenschaftliche Mitarbeiterin), Project "eXChange".

2007-2010 Two maternal leaves.

Since 2008 PhD Student at the University of Cologne.

2006-2008 Research Assistant (studentische, später wissenschaftliche Hilfskraft) "Edition ostslavischer Gottesdienstmenäen aus dem 11.-13. Jh.", Patristische Kommission der NRW Akademie der Wissenschaften und Künste, Arbeitsgruppe Bonn.

2006 Classical Philology (MA), Saint Petersburg State University.



(2016+) Digital edition of the Anonymus post Dionem. In preparation (short description)

(2010) Dagmar Christians, Hans Rothe (ed.) Gottesdienstmenäum für den Monat April auf der Grundlage der Handschrift Sin. 165 des Staatlichen Historischen Museums Moskau (GIM). Historisch-kritische Edition Teil 1: 1. bis 9. April, besorgt und kommentiert von D. Christians, T. Chronz, I. Podtergera, D. Rafiyenko, E. Smyka und V. S. Tomelleri. In Abhandlungen der NRW Akademie der Wissenschaften und der Künste, Patristica Slavica 19. Paderborn-München-Wien-Zürich. Ferdinand Schöningh Verlag.


Rafiyenko, D. (2017) "Towards the compilation principles of the excerptors in the Excerpta Constantiniana historica". Byzantinoslavica 75,2, p. 291–324 (pdf).

Rafiyenko, D. (2016) "Tracing: A Graphical-Digital Method for Restoring Damaged Manuscripts". Codicology and Palaeography in the Digital Age, 4, p. 121-135 (pdf of the article; link to the whole volume).

Rafiyenko, D. (2016) "Gicht im Altgriechischen. Korpus-basierte Studie (Gout in Ancient Greek. Corpus-based study)", Digital Classics Online 2,1, p. 6-31. URL: (pdf).

Editorial work (editor-in-chief):

(2017+) Rafiyenko, D. & I. Seržant (eds.), Contemporary Approaches to Postclassical Greek. Trends in Linguistics series. Berlin/New York: De Gruyter (in preparation).

Lexicon entries

(2014) "Petros Patrikios" and "Johannes Xiphilinos (der Jüngere)" in Michael Grünbart/Alexander Riehle (ed.), Lexikon byzantinischer Autoren, Akademie Verlag, Leipzig.


(2015) James Howard-Johnston, Historical Writing in Byzantium. Heidelberg: Verlag Antike e.K. 2014, reviewed by Dariya Rafiyenko, H-Soz-u-Kult. URL:

Conference talks & conference organization

Conference organization

2018: A corpus and usage-based approach to Ancient Greek: from the Archaic period until the Koiné (together with Ilze Rumniece, Robert Crellin and Ilja A. Seržant), Universtiy of Latvia, April 12-14, 2018

2016: "Postclassical Greek: the Intersections of Philology and Linguistics" (together with Ilja A. Seržant), University of Mainz, February 15-17, 2016.

2014: "Greek and Latin in an age of Open Data" (member of the Steering Committee), organized by Open Philology Project, Digital Humanities Chair, University of Leipzig, December 1-4, 2014.

2012: "Excerpta historica Konstantins VII. Porphyrogennetos: Chaos oder System?" (together with Claudia Sode), hosted at the Department of Byzantine Studies, University of Cologne, October 16, 2012 (description, workshop program).

Conference talks

2018, April 12, "Learned Language and the Use of Prepositions in Ancient Greek", conference "A corpus and usage-based approach to Ancient Greek: from the Archaic period until the Koiné", April 12-14, 2018, University of Latvia, Riga.

2017, November 25, "A Digital Approach to Scholarly Editing: Excerpta Constantiniana", conference "The Editing of Textbooks and the Study of Medieval Greek Literature", November 24-25, 2017. Organized by Andrea M. Cuomo (Austrian Academy of Sciences, Vienna).

2017, April 7, "The dynamics of Greek prepositions (with the main focus on perì 'about'): corpus-based approach", together with Ilja A. Seržant (Universität Zürich) (link)

2016, August 24, "Digital Edition of the Excerpta Constantiniana de sententiis: Revolution or Evolution?", International Congress of Byzantine Studies (Belgrade)

2016, August 22, "Excerpta historica iussu Constantini Porphyrogeniti confecta de sententiis : Edition and Study of the Concept of an Excerpt Collection", International Congress of Byzantine Studies (Belgrade)

2016, July 12-17, "Excerpta Constantiniana: from palimpsest to a digital edition of a medieval encyclopaedia" (poster), Digital Humanities 2016 (Krakow)

2016, March 25, "Excerpta Constantiniana: Some aspects of an excerpt collection from the 10th century Byzantium", Compilations and excerpt collections of historiographical material (Ghent) (workshop cancelled)

2016, March 7-12, "Excerpta Constantiniana: vom Palimpsest zur Edition einer mittelalterlichen Enzyklopädie" (poster), Digital Humanities im deutschsprachigen Raum e. V. (Leipzig)

2016, February 15, "Corpus-based study of lexicon: gout and παιδεύω", Postclassical Greek: Intersections of Philology and Linguistics (Mainz)

2015, April 10-12, "Gout and Its Formalization", together with Hannes Kahl, "To Mine and To Tie: Text Mining And Network Analysis For Historians" (SENERECO, Ruhr-Universität Bochum)

2015, February 19-21, "Krankheitsbezeichnungen in Byzanz: Neue Aspekte in der Untersuchung unter Verwendung von digitalen Methoden", Arbeitstagung der Deutschen Arbeitsgemeinschaft zur Förderung Byzantinischer Studien (Heidelberg) (slides)

2014, December 1-4, "New Approaches to Digital Critical Editing. Response talk", "Greek and Latin in an age of Open Data" (Digital Humanities Chair, University of Leipzig) (slides)

2013, February 1, "Die Struktur der Handschrift der konstantinischen Exzerptensammlung de sententiis (Vat. gr. 73)" Arbeitstagung der Deutschen Arbeitsgemeinschaft zur Förderung Byzantinischer Studien (Cologne)

2013, March 20, "Wissenschaftssprache und sprachliches Handeln in der Byzantinischen Literatur: Zur Entwicklung des Konzepts φάρμακον" 1. Workshop des Projektes eXChange: Exploring Concept change and Transfer in Antiquity (University of Leipzig) (slides)

2012, October 19-20, “Historiographic rewriting: the main tendencies in Peter the Patrician”, Rencontres Internationales des Doctorants en Études Byzantines (Paris)

2012, October  16, "Prinzipien der Auswahl der Autoren für die Konstantinische Exzerptensammlung (am Beispiel der Exzerpte aus Petros Patrikios und Dio Cassius)", Workshop Excerpta historica Konstantins VII. Porphyrogennetos: Chaos oder System? (Department of Byzantine Studies, University of Cologne)

2011, August 22-27, “Petros Patrikios and his primary source” – 22nd International Congress of Byzantine Studies (Sofia)



2012: Claus-von-Kotze Grant for a research stay in Rome, at the Vatican Library

2011: Student Grant from the 22nd International Congress of Byzantine Studies in Sofia

2011: DAAD Research Grant (University of Cologne)


9.4.2018 "A digital approach to scholarly editing in Classical philology: A long way from the primary source to a digital edition." (slides)

5.4.2018 "Corpus Studies in Ancient Greek: Exploiting Thesaurus Linguae Graecae and other corpora." University of Latvia (slides)

2014/2015 (winter term) "Byzantine Historiography. The Digital Approach", University of Leipzig

Programming skills