Abstracts (alphabetically by author)

Anagnostopoulou, Elena; Mertyris, Dionysios; Sevdali, Christina "Motivations for new corpus-based research on datives and genitives in Greek" (pdf)

Barnett, Phillip; Husain, Tata "Sociolinguistics in Classical Greek Discourse: Usage Differences Between Speaker Groups in the Attic Plays" (pdf)

Benedetti, Marina "Complementation patterns with cognition and perception verbs: a corpus-based approach." (pdf)

Bentein, Klaas "Towards a probabilistic grammar of Post-classical Greek? Some observations on morpho-syntactic variation in documentary texts" (pdf)

Bozia, Eleni "Classical Attic and Imperial Attic oratory: a provable relationship or a philological misconception?" (pdf)

Celano, Giuseppe "Ancient Greek word order: from Homer to Modern Greek"

Cerroni, Enrico "Semantic shifts in Hellenistic Greek: a statistical survey on the Polybios-Lexikon" (pdf)

Crellin, Robert "Translating the Hebrew pi'el into Greek: an analysis of the Old Greek translation of the Pentateuch" (pdf)

Cuzzolin, Pierluigi "Suggestions for a database of the language of Ancient Greek comedy" (pdf)

Dahl, Eystein "Valency-affecting constructions in the Koiné of the LXX" (pdf)

Di Bartolo, Giuseppina "ὅπως in the Greek documentary papyri of the Ptolemaic and Roman Periods" (pdf)

Dmitrieva, Sofya "Nasal-infixed presents and their collateral aorists in Homeric Greek" (pdf)

Eloeva, Fatima; Kisilier, Maxim "An approach to incorporating non-Demotic lexicon into the corpus of Modern Greek" (pdf)

Fantoli, Margherita; Vandersmissen, Marc "Multiple Corpus: a Polyangular Readings Approach?" (pdf)

Fendel, Victoria Beatrix "A lens for late Koine Greek: Greeting sections in Greek letters from Egypt" (pdf)

Förster, Hans "Punctuation and Syntax" (pdf)

Freiberg, Cassandra "Using Chance to Structure Discourse: τυγχάνω + participle in Herodotus" (pdf)

García Ramón, José Luis "Local dialects vs Koine. A Corpus-based approach to lexicon and phraseology in Post-Classical Greek"

Gianollo, Chiara "A corpus study of negation and indefinites in Archaic and Classical Greek"

Haug, Dag "Syntactic disontinuities"

Hess, Leopold; Bary, Corien "Narrator language and character language in Thucydides" (pdf)

Horrocks, Geoffrey "Plato's voices - a (re)view of the 'middle' based on Republic 1-3" (pdf)

Inglese, Guglielmo; Zanchi, Chiara "Reciprocal constructions in Homeric Greek: a typological and corpus-based approach" (pdf)

Kahane, Ahuvia "The Complexity of Greek Epic Diction" (pdf)

Keersmaekers, Alek "The dynamic-declarative contrast in papyrological Greek infinitival complements" (pdf)

Kölligan, Daniel "Greek futures and desideratives" (pdf)

Kotarcic, Ana "Corpus- and Usage-based Approaches to Understanding Aristotle’s Conception and Use of σημεῖον" (pdf)

Leiwo, Martti; Dahlgren, Sonja; Vierros, Marja "Synchronic and diachronic variation as seen through documentary papyri" (pdf)

Lühr, Rosemarie "Register Variation in Ancient and Middle Greek" (pdf)

Machado, Robert "The two perfect stems of γίγνομαι in Classical Attic" (pdf)

Manousakis, Nikolaos "Computer Stylistics approach to the Aeschylean corpus: the authenticity of Prometheus Bound and the exodos of Seven Against Thebes" (pdf)

Markopoulos, Theodore "Analytic comparatives in ancient times" (pdf)

Mihaylova, Bilyana; Tarpomanova, Ekaterina; Mircheva, Albena "Was Achilles happy or sad: analysing the six basic emotions in Homer’s Iliad" (pdf)

Moser, Amalia "Tense and aspect in conditionals from Homer to the New Testament and beyond" (pdf)

Pardal, Alberto "Frequency and context of use in pragmaticalization: on δοκεῖ + dative in modal uses" (pdf)

Pellegrini, Matteo "Stem allomorphy in present and aorist formation in Classical Greek: A quantitative approach" (pdf)

Polishchuk, Anna S. "Epistemic Modality and Stylometric Classification of Crito in the Platonic Corpus" (pdf)

Rafiyenko, Dariya "Learned language and the use of prepositions in Ancient Greek" (pdf)

Roumanis, Emmanuel "Measuring Atticism in Non-literary Papyri through a Register of Atticistic Lexical Items" (pdf)

Serzants, Ilja "Greek prepositions from the Archaic period into New Testament: a corpus-based study" (pdf)

Tronci, Tronci; Bruno, Carla "Aorist voice systems in Hellenistic and Roman-period Greek A corpus-based research on literary and non-literary texts" (pdf)

Widmer, Paul; Sommer, Florian "Neutral Animacy? The Role of Referential Features in Attic Agreement" (pdf)