Conference date: February 15-17, 2016

Conference venue: Fakultätssaal des Philosophicums, Johannes-Gutenberg-University of Mainz


(Last updated: February 8, 2016. Minor changes possible!)
Monday, February 15, 2016
10:00-10:20D. Rafiyenko (University of Leipzig) & I. Seržant (University of Mainz), Introduction
10:20-10:50Marina Benedetti (University for Foreigners of Siena), "Middle and perfect in the Greek grammatical tradition, from Aristarchus to Byzantine scholars"
CHAIR: J. L. García Ramón
11:30-12:00Marja Vierros (University of Helsinki), "Linguistic Annotation of Greek Papyri"
12:00-12:30Joanne Stolk (University of Oslo), "The encoding of animate Goal in Greek papyri: dative, accusative and prepositions"
12:30-13:00Klaas Bentein (Ghent University), "Finite versus non-finite complementation in documentary papyri from the Roman and Byzantine period (I - VIII AD)"
13:00-13:30Carla Bruno (University for Foreigners of Siena), "Directives in Greek papyri from Ptolemaic Egypt. A survey of the forms in their co(n)text"
CHAIR: Dag Haug
15:00-15:30Chiara Gianollo (University of Cologne), "Syntactic factors of the Greek genitive-dative syncretism"
15:30-16:00Dariya Rafiyenko (University of Leipzig), "Corpus-based study of lexicon: gout and παιδεύω"
16:00-16:30Jose Luis García Ramón (Center of Hellenic Studies, Harvard University), "Grammatical und lexical structures on change in Post-Classical Greek: local dialects and supradialectal tendencies"
CHAIR: Daniel Kölligan
17:00-17:30Vladimir Plungian (Institute of Linguistics, RAS / Moscow State University) & Dmitry Dundua (École normale supérieure de Paris / École pratique des hautes études), "On preverbs and verbs of motion in Koine Greek" (cancelled)
17:00-17:30Ilja A. Seržant (University of Leipzig), "Towards semantic and syntactic properties of perì"
17:30-18:00Hans Förster (University of Vienna), "Auswirkungen kritischer Editionen am Beispiel des Neuen Testaments"
18:00-18:30Andrea Cuomo (Austrian Acad. of Sciences), "Koine and Attic Greek: The Concept of Linguistic Variation in Early Palaeologan Era. Some Examples from Manuel Moschopulos’ Commentary on Sophocles"
Tuesday, February 16, 2016
CHAIR: Chiara Gianollo
8:30-9:00Enrico Cerroni (The Sapienza University of Rome), "The psychologization of vocabulary in hellenistic and imperial Greek"
9:00-9:30Daniel Kölligan (University of Cologne), "Anmerkungen zur Syntax des Johannes Malalas"
9:30-10:00Laura Carrara (Heidelberg Academy of Sciences and Humanities), "The Chronicle of John Malalas and its edition(s): a philological/linguistic approach"
CHAIR: Klaas Bentein
10:40-11:10Gerard Boter (Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam), "Editing Philostratus' Life of Apollonius of Tyana"
11:10-11:40Liana Tronci (University for Foreigners of Siena), "Future forms in Postclassical Greek. Some remarks on Septuagint and New Testament"
11:40-12:10Brian Joseph (The Ohio State University), "Infinitival Developments in Post-Classical Greek: Balancing Language-internal and Language-external Causation"
CHAIR: Nikolaos Lavidas
14:00-14:30Panagiotis Filos (University of Ioannina / Open University of Cyprus), "Analogy and the remodelling of the post-classical/early medieval Greek present forms" (cancelled)
14:30-15:00Günther S. Henrich (University of Leipzig), "Die drei griechischen Strata in der Sprachlehre von der Hohen Pforte (2. Hälfte des 15. Jahrhunderts): gelehrt, volkssprachlich, pontisch"
15:00-15:30Staffan Wahlgren (Norwegian University of Science and Technology, Trondheim), "Diachrony of a Literary Register: Byzantine Greek of the 10th and 14th centuries"
15:30-16:00Robert Crellin (University of Cambridge), "What’s in a name? Morphology and identity in Jewish Greek literature in the Hellenistic and Roman periods"
CHAIR: Marina Benedetti
16:40-17:10Sonja Dahlgren (University of Helsinki), "Outcome of longterm language contact: towards a definition of an Egyptian Greek variant"
17:10-17:40Martti Leiwo (University of Helsinki), "Direct speech in Greek private letters of Roman Egypt"
17:40-18:10Charlotte Schubert (University of Leipzig), "Fragmente und Zitate: Edieren, Annotieren und Rekonstruieren im Zeitalter der Digitalisierung"
19:15Conference dinner in "Augustinerkeller", Augustinerstrasse 26.
Wednesday, February 17, 2016
CHAIR: Brian Joseph
9:00-9:30Nikolaos Lavidas (University of Thessaloniki) & Dag Trygve Truslew Haug (University of Oslo), "A diachronic treebank of Greek: Extending PROIEL with Post-classical and Post-koine Greek texts"
9:30-10:00Eleni Karantzola & Konstantinos Sampanis (University of Aegean), "The long way of restructuring complementation in the history of Greek: the case of oti, pos, pou and their rise from postclassical Greek to the demotic prose of the 16th century"
10:00-10:30Ilze Rūmniece (University of Latvia), "About the Language of Suda’s Lexicon: Classical Poetical Sources in the Lemmata Explanations"
CHAIR: Robert Crellin
11:10-11:40Ekaterina Vvedenskaya (Saint Petersburg University), "Some remarks on 'future-aorist' stems in Byzantine Greek"
11:40-12:10Giuseppina di Bartolo (University of Cologne), "Final and Consecutive clauses in the Greek documentary Papyri of the Roman period"
12:10-12:40Closing discussion; Information on the follow-up publication